Before submitting one of our free estimate requests you must have accurate measurements of your kitchen or the area you are placing the cabinets. If you live within an hour of our shop we will happily arrange a time to come and measure for you. However, if you are ordering our RTA line and having the cabinets shipped to your home, you are responsible for the accuracy of your measurements. 

For assistance please Contact Us.


Tools You'll Need:



Tape Measure

Steps for Measuring:


  • Floor Plan

    • Begin from an adjourning corner if possible, these are horizontal measurments of the area/wall

    • Ignore appliances, windows, etc. at this time

    • Draw a diagram on the sheet of paper and note these measurements


  • Appliances, Fixtures, & Windows

    • Appliances - measure from the edge of the wall to the edge of the appliance on all sides and note those measurements on your diagram. Then measure the appliance width and heighth from edge to edge, drawing it in the diagram.

    • Fixtures - in a similar manner, indicate all electrical, plumbing, and vents on your diagram.

    • Windows - measure from the edge of the wall to the casing of the window on all sides and note those measurements on your diagram. Then measure the window width and heighth from casing edge to casing edge.

*Number windows, appliances, fixtures, etc. working clockwise around the room

*The option to relocate appliances, fixtures, and windows is available at extra costs, please note that when an estimate is requested.


  • Kitchen Height

    • Measure from the floor to the ceiling at the edge of each wall and at the center of each wall noting the measurements on your diagram

    • Note all soffits, recessed ceilings, or other fixtures that will impact the heighth of your cabinets


  • Double Check (Grandpa always said, "Measure twice, cut once.")

    • Horizontal and vertical wall measurements

    • Window measurements 

    • Appliance measurements

    • Fixture measurements

    • All soffits, recessed ceilings, or other ceiling fixtures measurements

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